Brewing in 2013

So I’m not doing well so far, my New Years Day blog is four days late, but that’s okay I’ve spent some time thinking about where I want my brewing to go in 2013.

The big thing that I want to do with my brews in 2013 is to have more control over the flavour of my brew. Currently I’m using Wal’s concentrates which contain a mixture of hops (both boiled and not) and malts and I’d like to move away from this. So, my plan is that once I have expended my last two of these concentrates I’m going to step back to just using malts.

So, what am I on about you may ask?

As stated earlier the concentrates contains malts and hops. The malt to my knowledge adds your base flavour (with the exception of a rice malt which should be flavourless). So from the get go, the Wal’s concentrates don’t tell you type of malt they use, or what type of hops they’ve got in there, so it becomes near impossible for someone without access to that specific concentrate to duplicate the recipe. In all, that’s the reason that I’m shifting away from the concentrates, I would like to be able to share the beers that I make with everyone.

The plan for this year is basically: Take a step back and have more control over the way my beer tastes.

Hopefully people will find the recipes interesting, and I’ll no doubt put up tasting notes about them as well.

Until next time.

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